How to choose the perfect brush according to your hair type

When you have an entire arsenal for hair care at home, you need to know that it is essential that you choose a comb based on your own hair type. But how will you choose the right brush for you personally?

In another article we already discussed some tricks to remedy hair loss ;.Now we will speak about the different brushes that exist and what is the better option based on the needs of our hair.

Kinds of brushes based on your own hair

Hair brushes aren't only used to remove tousled hair, but are important to keep the scalp healthy ;.The reason being the brush strokes stimulate blood circulation, contributing to the renewal of root nutrients and the elimination of dead cells.

Next, we show you the most effective hair brushes and thus, be able to take advantage of most of the benefits of healthy hair.

Tell me what hair you've and I can tell you which brush to make use of

When you visualize the bristles of a bad quality brush through a microscope, you will dsicover how small blades wind up mistreating the hair structure. Because of this, it is best to use natural bristle brushes, as they've the same surface structure as human hair itself. Likewise, they're probably the most indicated since they massage the scalp, stimulating blood circulation while distributing the fat that we have discussed through the hair, smoothing it.

It will also be determined by your own hair type and cut. Experts recommend brushes with long plastic bristles for long hair. Instead, for shorter hair, natural bristles are best.

Detangling brushes

They appear to be plastic hedgehogs and probably the most popular are the Tangle Teezer. They're very practical and their bristles are constructed of a really soft and soft synthetic material. Therefore, they are perfect for detangling hair while also avoiding split ends.

When you have a long and abundant mane, it will allow you to to detangle it after washing it or when it's too tousled and it's impossible to comb it. The key of the combs is in the different lengths of their bristles.

Flat brushes

The best brushes for long and strong hair are flat, since they've plastic bristles and allow hair to feed better. In cases like this, they cause less friction than natural bristles and tend to be more delicate with this mane.

It is advised to put it to use throughout the dryer drying, since its large surface allows a quicker and more

effective smoothing .

Round brushes

For brief and fine hair, if you are looking for a greater volume at the roots, a small round brush shouldn't be missing in your bathroom.Furthermore, you'll achieve a quite natural volume for your hair.

Round hair brushes work best if you blow-dry your own hair somewhat before styling ;.To achieve this, divide your mane into small sections and place the brush at the root. Keep running the brush as you run the blower with the

air facing down. For further info, click here: Kalista Salon

On one other hand, if your own hair is long and straight, it is way better to utilize a large round brush to supply greater volume than with small ones. The best are those of wild boar bristles because they offer a much better hair loss than plastic ones and it offers it more shine.

Skeleton brush

They're the most effective combs for frizzy hair, since a comb with the bristles close together could be ineffective for this type of hair. Because of this, the main advantage of the brush is so it glides perfectly through the abundant and curly manes because of the truth that the bristles are well separated from one another, better defining curls.

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